Dragoon Red Ale Torp - SF Dragoon Red Ale Torp - SF Dragoon Red Ale Torp - SF

Dragoon Red Ale Torp - SF

New English

Dragoon Red Ale Torp - SF

balanced, hoppy, malty, caramel


Red Ale






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Dragoon is a robust and flavorful American Red ale that perfectly balances a silky maltiness with a firm and consistent bitterness in a palate pleasing, clean, smooth experience from the first sip to the satisfying finish. Brewed with a blend of the finest American and British chocolate, dark crystal and pale ale malts Dragoon exhibits a brooding, deep crimson body and a rich light tan foamy head. A true American Style Red ale at 6.9% ABV, this beer is nevertheless well balanced with the classic Cascade kettle hops providing 55 IBU’s and a pleasing hop flavor. Yet more Cascade hops added as dry hops in the fermenting vessel produce a powerful hop aroma that is the signature of a hand crafted ale from San Diego.




Founder and brew master Simon Lacey conceived the idea of a brewery focusing on classic English and American beer styles in 2007, just before the craft beer boom went into high gear in San Diego. New English Brewing is the result of that vision. Growing up around pub culture in the northwest of England, Simon developed taste for “real-ale”, that is, cask-conditioned beer. When he arrived in San Diego in 1995, Simon realized that such beer simply wasn’t available locally. It wasn’t until 2004 that he leapt into full-time brewing. With the idea to fill the gap in the market for English Style Ales, New English has imbued the best of the classic British styles with the innovative mark of the US West Coast beer scene.


Red Ale

More malty and less hops in these ales. Known for flavors and aromas of caramel and toffee and roasted grains. Typically Irish in nature but the American red ale styles are innovative with different hop characteristics.

  • ABV: Medium alcohol
  • Color: Copper to red
  • Glassware: Tulip or pint glass
  • Temperature: 50-55 oF
  • Food Pairing: Almond and goat cheese salad, meaty meat dishes like roasted chicken or pork with mashed potatoes