PST Dry Stout Torp - SF PST Dry Stout Torp - SF PST Dry Stout Torp - SF

PST Dry Stout Torp - SF

Ale Industries

PST Dry Stout Torp - SF

dark, chocolate, roasty, coffee, rich, dry








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Stouts derive their signature roasty character from Maillard Reactions, the same process which gives bread crust, seared meat, and toasted marshmallows their distinctive flavors. PST Dry Stout is an Irish Dry Stout and named in honor of the long dark nights that happen after the November "daylight savings time" change, and this brew uses flaked barely for a wonderful, silky mouthfeel. Stouts are a pleasure to drink year round, but more so during winter.




In 2009 Ale Industries set out with a rebellious spirit, an environmentally-conscious endeavor striving to spread the blissful experience of a craft. We unapologetically refuse to let our beers be categorized into styles, types, or profiles because we believe it relegates our vision of craft beer from a verb to a noun, from a spirit to a product. We pioneer brewing technologies to save energy and reduce waste because we understand that investing in the environment will nurture the communities we care about, allowing them to flourish and grow. Oakland, California is our home, where we aim to foster connections with our neighbors and friends. Ale Industries is not just in the business of "producing craft beer." Ale Industries is for the preservation of craft beer and its founding principals: challenging both your and our notion of what beer is, can, or should be.



The American innovation has done wonders with this style adding coffee, chocolate and oatmeal flavors and aromas to the creamy roasty attributes inherent in a stout. Barrel aging in whiskey barrels or lots of hops are just some of the variations you can explore. Not necessarily higher in alcohol these beers are all about texture, richness, creaminess and full flavor for an even fuller experience.

  • ABV: Medium to high alcohol
  • Color: Black
  • Glassware: Spiegelau stout glass
  • Temperature: 50-55 oF
  • Food Pairing: Rich beer with rich food - BBQ plate of spare-ribs, mac 'n cheese and baked beans, chocolate truffles and coffee ice cream