Car Camping Cream Ale Car Camping Cream Ale Car Camping Cream Ale

Car Camping Cream Ale



Standard-Strength, Pale-Color, Any-Fermentation, Northamerica, Traditional-Style, Pale-Ale-Family, Balanced


Cream Ale






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Imagine a light, crisp, easy drinking brew enjoyed after a 100-mile backpacking trip. Now imagine it without the hike. We call it Car Camping, it's an American Cream Ale, one of our favorite summertime styles, pale in color, and made with lightly kilned malt and cold fermented. The perfect amount of corn lightens the color and adds a touch of sweetness. We think it’s delicious.

A classic style with lightly kilned malt, pale in color, & cold fermented, but the smooth brew also uses corn as an adjunct to lighten the color and add a bit of sweetness to the flavor. This beer is not a “true” lagers due to the light fermentation character and American-grown versions of Hallertau Mittelfruh. Try saying that hop name three times fast.




"A Retreat from the Ordinary" - Hermitage Brewing in San Jose was established in 2009 and creates fresh and unique beers. The wide portfolio hosts several medal winners, a wide selection of IPAs and a seasoned barrel program. The recently opened taproom gives all access to this local craft gem.


Cream Ale

The Cream Ale is an American classic from the 1800s with German influence and some believe they were the precursor to the Steam Beer. Cream Ales are typically lightly fruity and sweet and very drinkable.

Low to medium-low hop bitterness. Low to moderate maltiness and sweetness, varying with gravity and attenuation. Usually well-attenuated. Neither malt nor hops dominate the palate. A low to moderate corny flavor is commonly found, as is light DMS (optional). The finish can vary from somewhat dry to faintly sweet. Low fruity esters are optional. Low to medium-low hop flavor (any variety, but typically floral, spicy, or herbal).

  • ABV: Low to Medium alcohol
  • Color: Straw to Gold
  • Glassware: Flute glass
  • Temperature: 45-50 oF
  • Food Pairing: Sweet or spicy foods and salads